Murph 3/11-3/17

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Weeks are slipping by and my training is leading me in many new life directions.
Here is the week at a glance
March 12
45 Minute run from Summit road to the top of Mount Tam in the pouring rain
March 13 Rest
March 14 Short Swim
March 15 crossfit
March 16 40 minute swim
March 17 crossfit Murphy

Murph earns the tittle of this post. Murphy is a work out created by the Late Navy Seal Michael P Murphy who died in Afghanistan.
1 mile run
300 Squats
200 Push ups
100 Pull ups
1 mile run

He would do this work out with a 15 lb weightd vest. Seriously tuff and fit!
I had to modify the push ups and the pull ups but out of respect had to finish. It took me 53:48 to finish the entire workout. 300 air squats were not modified nor were the mile runs.
Stay tuned I am just about to get a handle on swimming the mile. I am close, I can feel it.  Oh Yah one more note. i am leaving the job I have been at the ast 4+years on April 1st.  Triathlon is May 1st1

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Going the distance 3/1-3/10

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I have gone silent I know  You might have even thought I gave up, hung up the old shoes and speedos (okay have not bought one yet but will have to soon).   The truth is I am doubling down. I am getting more excited about the actual race and have begun to extend some of my workouts. Highlights include my first 40 mile bike ride over hilly west Marin county and my first 5 mile run up the Dispea stairs  to the Mountain home in.   Here is how the first 10 days of March have gone

Mar 1: 45 min Swim
Mar 2:  45 min Swim + Crossfit
Mar 3:  1;05 min Run (5 Miles)
Mar 4:  Crossfit
Mar 5: 38 mile bike ride (3.5hrs)
Mar 6: Rest
Mar 7: 30 min swim
Mar 8: Crossfit with a 1.5 mile run built-in
Mar 9: Crossfit + 25 mile bike ride
Mar 10:  Rest

One of the really cool aspects of training is the family support. Megan has been awesome. She keeps smiling at me telling me I am doing great. And even when meg is out of town like last weekend when Megan went to NYC for her first business trip.  I was able to get my longest ride in because her sister Caitlin came by to hang out with Karuna. Thanks to Megan’s and My parents for all their support.

I am getting physically and emotionally stronger (okay i am going to cry)

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Still Here 2/25-2/28

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I cant believe two months have slipped by.  I get the sense from some people they did not expect me to still be going at this. To me that seems crazy, I am in it to win it. To move beyond my superficial doubts and explore the world of my deepest most meaningful possibilities.  I guess that’s a long winded way of saying I have not quit. Not even close. Last night was my first experience biking then running. I did the paradise loop in about 1:40 minutes then followed that up with a 20 minute run mostly up hill.  My back froze up on me, my calves abandoned me and my spirit was only slightly crushed. Despite the pain I made it up the hill and felt much better on the way down. I learned how much work I have to do before the race on May 1st.  Despite the biking and running its that one mile swim thats got my attention. I have turned to youtube to start watching perfect strokes. Here is one.

March is only two months out, time to step it up.  Thanks to the person at work who put a cookie on my desk. It felt great picking it up and dropping it back in the box.

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